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here the Youth Encounters 2015 in retrospect

30. August – 5. September 2015

At the end of august till the beginnig of september 2015 CLASSIC FOR PEACE brings together, what belongs together:

young musicians from Ukraine and Russia are making music together with young musicians from Germany ( Hessen ).

Wir have planed concerts in Wiesbaden, in Darmstadt and in Berlin.

This project is not only about the musical asset, this is also the multicultural inter human dialog. All the ukrainian and russian participants stay together in Darmstadt. So, they learn more about each other every day, they play together. Each of those encounters is one step on the way to understanding among nations. And it has a potential to be a lifelong friendship.

Picture: Martin Kaemper

Opening concert in Kurhaus Wiesbaden Picture: Martin Kaemper




Picture: Martin Kaemper

Picture: Martin Kaemper

The German musical ambassadors from the area Rhein Main are young musicians of the Frankfurter Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra.

They are known for their modern style to make classical music. They are happy to try out new things and courageous. They perform not only in concert halls, sometimes they do a charity concert in a shopping mall.



Picture: Martin Kaemper

Picture: Martin Kaemper

Ukranian and russian young musicians are coming from the special musical schools for highly talented children. These young musicians in the age of 15 – 18 years old play at the highest stage. Many of them have won prices on international musical competitions.


Picture: Martin Kaemper

Picture: Martin Kaemper



The education systems might be very different, but this encounter of ukranian, russian and german musical ambassadors will be over friendly.

During making music together, young musicians can exchange about different interpretations and look for new horizons.


  • Leon Gurvitch_webWORLD PREMIERE: the composer and conductor Leon GURVITCH, current a Hamburger citizen, dedicates his composition “5 Dances in Old Style” for String Orchestra to CLASSIC FOR PEACE. The World Premiere of this work will take place within the “International music youth encounters 2015” in Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Berlin, performed by Chamber Philharmonic Frankfurt under direction of Anna SKRYLEVA.

    „MUSIC AS MESSENGER OF PEACE – this important statement of CLASSIC FOR PEACE    I really care about. I support this wonderful initiative of Anna Skryleva. We can’t say enough, how important is it, to create our future without prejudices.

    I have been making music my whole life together with musicians from all over the 5 continents. And I realize, maybe we have some different way of thinking in our mind, but not in our hearts. None other art than music can bring people to consideration about peace. We are not politicians, we are musicians and I believe, if there is no way for political understanding, music could bring people together.

    I would like to dedicate my new composition “5 Dances in Old Style” for String Orchestra to CLASSIC FOR PEACE.

    I wish Chamber Philharmonic Frankfurt a big success on the premiere and say thank you to the Ukrainian, Russian and German musicians for setting an important example for the future!”

    Hamburg, den 29.06.2015. Leon Gurvitch

    30. Juni 2015, CFP

more information about participants HERE




30. August 2015, 6 p.m. – Wiesbaden, Opening concert at Kurhaus Wiesbaden in the Christian Zais Saal.




3. September 2015, 7 p.m. – Darmstadt, Paulus Church.





5. September 2015 – Berlin, participation on the Open Day of Bundesrat.





Sound & Music Production

The Hochschule Darmstadt / University of Applied Sciences / Media department in cooperation with CFP will shoot a Dokumentar film about the “International Music Youth Encounters 2015”. The students of the media departments “Motion Pictures” and “Sound und Music Production” are recording and shooting the hole project both in concerts and in all day situations.



Logo Land Hessen 2011








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